Kincaid Plank Road Jessup Panel Bed | Stone



  • Solid Wood


  • New Zealand Pine


  • Stone: a natural brown tone that lightly shades the pine lumber

Queen Dimensions:

Width: 66″

Length: 89″

Height: 61″

King Dimensions:

Width: 83″

Length: 89″

Height: 64″

California King Dimensions:

Width: 83″

Length: 93″

Height: 64″

Frame Construction

Genuine solid wood is used on all exterior panels and shaped edges to provide quality and beauty that will last for generations. Kincaid does not use veneers, which often crack and peel over time. Many furniture manufacturers only use solid wood on drawer fronts, while the remainder of the product is veneer over particleboard. Edges are typically “banded” with a strip of solid wood to simulate solid wood construction, but below the veneer is particleboard. In certain instances Kincaid Furniture may use other construction methods to offer the most useful, practical, and/or the safest function to consumers.

Finish Construction

Many of the collections Kincaid produces uses lumber with specific characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, worm holes, and striped or tiger wood. These characteristics are not defects; they are nature’s signature that can be found in certain species of wood. Since every tree is different, there may be wide variations in graining, markings, or shading on the same piece and between different pieces of furniture.

They use a lacquer coat as their final finishing process, which adds to the great depth and clarity of their finish. Lacquer finishes may be cleaned by wiping the surface with a soft cloth dampened with water. Their recommended cleaning solution is to mix one tablespoon of vinegar to one quart of water. Use a soft cloth and wipe with the grain. Use another clean, soft cloth to wipe up any excess liquid to make certain the surface is completely dry.


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